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  • $1.5 billion plan might revive dying Dead Sea

    by Diana Chandler, posted Friday, November 30, 2018 (one month ago)

    DEAD SEA, Israel (BP) -- The Dead Sea has been receding for decades, with some experts predicting its total demise by 2050. But a $1.5 billion plan to resurrect the biblically prominent sea is nearing fruition, NBC News reported Nov. 29.

    Meetings are expected within weeks to finalize the plan considered for two decades, NBC reported, to build a desalination facility in Jordan to essentially remove salty brine from the Red Sea and pump it into the Dead Sea. The desalinated water remaining from the Red Sea would be suitable for drinking, meeting water demands amid rainfall that continues to decrease.

    Jim Sibley, a Baptist who teaches at the Israel College of the Bible, told Baptist Press today (Nov. 30) the conditions causing the Dead Sea to recede an estimated three-to-five feet a year are more complex than widely reported. Read More

  • Ancient biblical coins discovered

    by Aaron Earls, posted Tuesday, May 29, 2018 (8 months ago)

    Image: iStock/license purchase required.
    ISRAEL (BP) -- They're only 7 millimeters wide, but these coins appear to be a big find.

    The Temple Mount Sifting Project recently discovered five rare coins dating from the 4th century B.C. This doubles the number unearthed so far and provides some of the earliest evidence of Jewish coin minting in Israel.

    According to The Times of Israel, the coins come from around the period of time described in Ezra and Nehemiah. Read More

  • Israel embassy, protests draw Baptist reactions

    by David Roach, posted Monday, May 14, 2018 (8 months ago)

    Screen Capture from Australian Broadcasting Corporation
    JERUSALEM (BP) -- As the United States opened a controversial embassy in Jerusalem, many Southern Baptists lauded the occasion and celebrated the modern state of Israel's 70th anniversary.

    Meanwhile, more than 50 Palestinians were killed and 1,200 wounded by the Israeli military as they protested the Trump administration's decision to move its embassy from Tel Aviv and recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital. The protestors also objected to what they view as Israel's violation of their human rights. Jamal Bishara, an Arab Israeli Southern Baptist, urged American evangelicals to take a stronger stand for the freedom and humanitarian aid of Palestinians in Israel. Read More

  • U.N. said to lack 'high ground' for Jerusalem rebuke

    by David Roach, posted Friday, December 22, 2017 (one year ago)

    Screen capture from CBS News.
    UNITED NATIONS (BP) -- In a move characterized by media outlets as a denunciation of the Trump administration, the United Nations General Assembly voted Thursday (Dec. 21) to ask nations not to establish diplomatic missions in Jerusalem.

    By a 128-9 vote with 35 abstentions and 21 U.N. member nations absent, the General Assembly's resolution "Status of Jerusalem" expressed "deep regret at recent decisions concerning the status of Jerusalem" -- an apparent reference to President Trump's Dec. 6 announcement the U.S. would recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital and move its embassy there. Read More

  • Nazareth mayor: Christmas events not canceled

    by David Roach, posted Monday, December 18, 2017 (one year ago)

    Image: iStock/license purchase required.
    NAZARETH, Israel (BP) -- Israeli Arab officials in Nazareth, Jesus' hometown where an angel announced His incarnation to the virgin Mary, have walked back statements that Christmas celebrations there would be canceled to protest U.S. President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

    Meanwhile, when the Palestinian town of Bethlehem, Jesus' birthplace, learned of Trump's Dec. 6 announcement regarding Jerusalem, it briefly switched off the area's Christmas lights in protest, Reuters reported, as did Ramallah in the West Bank. Read More

  • Jerusalem: Trump declaration sparks Baptists' reactions

    by David Roach, posted Friday, December 08, 2017 (one year ago)

    JERUSALEM (BP) -- As violence continued in the Middle East after President Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, Southern Baptists expressed a range of views on the topic.

    Former Southern Baptist Convention Presidents Ronnie Floyd and Jack Graham were among those to celebrate Trump's Dec. 6 proclamation on Jerusalem, which included a promise to move the U.S. embassy there. Jamal Bishara, an Arab Israeli who served on the Multiethnic Advisory Council appointed in 2014 by SBC Executive Committee President Frank S. Page, called the Trump administration's move "another slap in the face to Palestinians." Read More

  • Protests follow Trump's Jerusalem announcement

    by Onize Ohikere/WORLD News Service, posted Thursday, December 07, 2017 (one year ago)

    Screen capture from BBC
    JERUSALEM (BP) -- U.S. President Donald Trump's move to declare Jerusalem as Israel's capital sparked condemnation Thursday (Dec. 7) from global leaders and some Islamist groups.

    Trump announced the decision Wednesday and said the United States will relocate its embassy to the city, despite warnings from several global leaders that such a move could worsen regional tensions.

    Israel has long claimed Jerusalem as its indivisible capital, while Palestinians argued East Jerusalem will serve as their future capital. Read More

  • Support of Israel wanes among younger evangelicals

    by Bob Smietana, posted Monday, December 04, 2017 (one year ago) graphic
    NASHVILLE (BP) -- Older American evangelicals love Israel, but many younger evangelicals simply don't care, according to a new survey from Nashville-based LifeWay Research.

    Three-quarters (77 percent) of evangelicals 65 and older say they support the existence, security and prosperity of Israel. That drops to 58 percent among younger evangelicals, those 18 to 34.

    Four in 10 younger evangelicals (41 percent) have no strong views about Israel. Read More

  • Archaeologists' discovery supports Bible's Gezer account

    by David Roach, posted Monday, July 10, 2017 (one year ago)

    SWBTS photo.
    TEL GEZER, Israel (BP) -- A discovery of ancient human remains by Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary archaeologists has helped confirm Scripture's portrayal of the city of Gezer in southern Israel.

    The discovery, unearthed this summer by Southwestern's Tandy Institute of Archaeology, included remains of two adults and a child inside a building that appeared to have been violently destroyed by Egyptians in the 13th century B.C., according to media reports. Because the Egyptians in that period preferred to keep vanquished foes alive, "the heavy destruction suggests the Egyptian pharaoh ... Read More

  • Messianic leader dies in Iraq in pedestrian accident

    by Daniel Woodman, posted Wednesday, June 07, 2017 (one year ago)

    Tony Simon, a noted evangelist and pastor in Israel, was killed in a pedestrian accident in Iraq on May 29. The Messianic leader was in Iraq to provide aid to locals in the troubled country. Read More