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Shaq Hardy, who serves as the student pastor at Brainerd Baptist Church in Chattanooga, Tenn., preaches at a student gathering. Having seen firsthand the impact of foster care, he encourages Christians to show love to foster children in tangible ways. View Story | Download Photo
Shaq Hardy preaches during a youth gathering at Brainerd Baptist Church in Chattanooga, Tenn. Abandoned by his mother not long after birth, Hardy often leans on his experience in foster care to minister to hurting kids. View Story | Download Photo
Shaq Hardy spent the first decade of his life shuffling between foster homes. His last foster family introduced him to Jesus. Six years later, as he struggled to find a place to belong, he committed his life to Christ. Today he is serving as a student pastor at Brainerd Baptist Church in Chattanooga, Tenn. View Story | Download Photo
Pastor Butch Tanner greets the congregation during service in late 2019. Kowloon International Baptist Church has been ministering to the city of Hong Kong as protests have raged for more than six months. View Story | Download Photo
Kowloon International Baptist Church in Hong Kong has become a refuge during protests affecting the city. The church intentionally has not picked a side in the ongoing tension; they offer prayer, ministries and a place to worship. View Story | Download Photo
Three years ago, Butch and Caroline Tanner moved from Longview, Texas, where they served with Oakland Heights Baptist Church, to Hong Kong to serve at Kowloon International Baptist Church. View Story | Download Photo
David Jeremiah View Story | Download Photo
George Schroeder View Story | Download Photo
George and Shannon Schroeder with children Elizabeth, George and Christopher. View Story | Download Photo
U.S. Rep. Bill Flores recognized pastor and new Southwestern Seminary professor Chris Osborne for 33 years of pastoral service at Central Baptist Church in Bryan-College Station, Texas, where Flores is a member. View Story | Download Photo
After three years in Guadalajara, Mexico, planting a church that quickly became the largest Baptist church in the city, Julio and Carla Arriola moved to Nashville, where Julio will serve as SBC Executive Committee's executive director of Hispanic relations and mobilization. View Story | Download Photo
The sun shines on the moat of the Japanese Imperial Palace in Tokyo, with the Sakurada Tatsumi Yagura watchtower in the foreground and the modern skyscrapers of the Akasaka district in the background. Local Baptist leaders and IMB missionaries are seeing signs of spiritual awakening as they pray and prepare for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. View Story | Download Photo
Bryan Pittman View Story | Download Photo
Noventa y siete por ciento de las mujeres que obtienen un ultrasonido en esta máquina en el Centro de Asistencia a Embarazadas Greenspoint en Houston eligen la vida para su niño nonato. View Story | Download Photo
Flora López, directora del Centro de Asistencia a Embarazadas Greenspoint en Houston, habla con una clienta. View Story | Download Photo
Después de tres años en Guadalajara, México, plantando una iglesia que rápidamente se convirtió en la iglesia bautista más grande de la ciudad, Julio y Carla Arriola se mudaron a Nashville, donde Julio servirá como director ejecutivo del Comité Ejecutivo de SBC de relaciones y movilización hispanas. View Story | Download Photo
Sam Jones and French McLemore View Story | Download Photo
In observance of National Religious Freedom Day, President Donald Trump hosted a gathering today (Jan. 16) of students from different religions to affirm the right of students to pray in school. View Story | Download Photo