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IMB missionary Hun Sol trains a group of Korean students to go out into other parts of Asia to share the Gospel. Many of them have never shared their faith before and are eager to learn. Hun says with group after group of students who do mid-term missions and return, he sees a new passion for sharing Christ both at home and around the world. View Story | Download Photo
Korean students participate in a worship service after returning from a six-month missions assignment in other Asian countries. IMB missionary Hun Sol says the experience is life-changing for many students, and he hopes their passion will spark a revival in the Korean church. View Story | Download Photo
People pray over South Korean students who are being sent out to six-month missions assignments in other Asian countries after being trained by IMB missionaries. Many have never shared the Gospel before they go out, and as they serve alongside long-term missionaries on the field, they are transformed as they see God's power at work in evangelism. View Story | Download Photo
Dozens of South Korean students like this young woman are trained each year by IMB missionary Hun Sol to do mid-term missions assignments in other Asian countries. While there, they work alongside long-term missionaries and see the power of sharing the Gospel -- and their excitement is contagious when they return. View Story | Download Photo
Churches have received a new outlook on giving by connecting their money with the missions it enables. Embracing the idea of funding a missionary "unit" can give churches a tangible aspect to their Lottie Moon Christmas Offering collection. View Story | Download Photo
First Baptist Church of Harrison, Ark., this summer completed its sixth year of multi-faceted missions in Haiti, including medical, dental, construction, VBS ministries and more. View Story | Download Photo
Attendees at the 2017 Festival de Esperanza in Anthony, hosted by Betesda Comunidad Cristiana, listen to the program during the event at the city's park. The evangelistic event drew approximately 500 people; 17 chose to follow Jesus. The event was a part of the BCNM's 2017 Simultaneous Revival Campaign among the state's Hispanic Churches. View Story | Download Photo
Este cementerio que atraviesa la ladera de una montaña en México acoge a los miembros fallecidos de una ciudad que nunca ha sido tocada por el Evangelio, según los conocimientos de los misioneros de la JMI. Los misioneros oran que Dios cree senderos a esta ciudad, cuyos residentes -- el pueblo mixteco -- son uno de los menos alcanzados en el continente americano. View Story | Download Photo
Michigan Baptists heard panel discussions about state ministries and evangelism grants during their annual meeting Nov. 8. View Story | Download Photo
A young mother travels on foot into Colombia in hopes of finding relief from Venezuela's economic meltdown. About 5,000 people a day -- more than 3 million in total -- have left Venezuela in an attempt to escape hunger, crime, unemployment and lack of medical care. View Story | Download Photo
IMB missionary Robin Tinley talks with women in a leather factory where Venezuelans are trained in how to make shoes, purses and other goods so that they can support their families. Most Venezuelans left everything they had behind when they crossed the border into Colombia. View Story | Download Photo
IMB missionaries Paul (left) and Robin (right) Tinley are investing their lives to meet the physical needs of Venezuelans who are leaving their country to escape hunger and crime and spilling into Colombia by the thousands. But even more importantly, Paul and Robin are working to introduce these hurting people to the hope of Jesus. View Story | Download Photo
La obrera de IMB, Kristin Luttrell habla con una mujer en un campo para trabajadores migrantes en México. La gente ahí se encuentra atrapada en un ciclo que parece sin esperanza -- trabajo agotador, pobreza interminable y poco descanso. Pero Kristin dice que ella y sus compañeras están en una 'misión cambia vidas' para darles a las personas allí lo mejor que tienen -- esperanza en Jesús. View Story | Download Photo
La obrera de IMB, Rachel Sebastian dirige el culto de un pequeño grupo de creyentes en un campo de migrantes en México. Ella y sus compañeros de equipo tienen la esperanza de que las personas allí – que vienen de los grupos indígenas más remotos de México -- crezcan en su fe y lleven el Evangelio de vuelta a sus pueblos. View Story | Download Photo
Las misioneras de IMB, Kristin Luttrell y Rachel Sebastian dirigen el estudio bíblico para mujeres y niños en un campo para trabajadores migrantes en México. View Story | Download Photo
IMB missionary Charles Clark (right) and IMB president Paul Chitwood (center) pray with a Venezuelan woman who has crossed the border into Colombia. View Story | Download Photo
Missionaries overlook the Colombian capital city of Bogotá with IMB president Paul Chitwood's family. The city has received thousands of Venezuelans who have fled hunger and crime in their home country and taken a cold and dangerous walk through the mountains in hopes of a better life. View Story | Download Photo
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi signaled Thursday (Dec. 5) the Democratic-controlled chamber is committed to holding a vote soon to impeach President Trump. View Story | Download Photo
El gobierno chino ha designado la iglesia a la que pertenecía Lottie Moon -- Iglesia Wulin Shenghui -- como un sitio histórico y cultural nacional protegido. View Story | Download Photo
IMB missionary Brian Davis says the spiritual climate in Bulgaria is dark. Many people are atheist and disinterested in anything spiritual. But as IMB missionaries continue to build relationships and invite people into their homes to study the Bible, they are seeing God move. View Story | Download Photo
Worshipers gather at an Eastern Orthodox church in Bulgaria. Though Eastern Orthodoxy is the country's official religion, many people are atheist and disinterested in spiritual things. View Story | Download Photo
George Gardev (right), pastor of a Baptist church in Bulgaria, hugs a shut-in member of his church during a visit to her home. George says he sees obstacles in sharing the Gospel broadly, but his church is trying to find ways to share the love of Christ in the context of relationships and community projects. View Story | Download Photo
In Bulgaria, IMB missionaries meet people every day who say they hold to atheist views. But as they build relationships, they are also finding people who are hungry for God's Word. They are seeing God at work as they invite people into their homes to study the Bible. View Story | Download Photo
George Gardev preaches at the Baptist church in Bulgaria where he serves as pastor. George came to faith in the early 1990s and was baptized by Bill Wardlaw, who was serving as an IMB missionary there along with his wife June. Bill says it brings him 'indescribable joy' to hear that George has planted several churches and led dozens of people to faith in Christ over the years. View Story | Download Photo
The "Sing! An Irish Christmas" concert tour, hosted by Keith and Kristyn Getty, closes every show with "O Come All Ye Faithful." View Story | Download Photo