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IMB workers, national partners, local churches and volunteers worked together to reach thousands of rugby fans with the gospel during the 2019 Rugby World Cup. View Story | Download Photo
Thousands of fans traveled to Japan for the 2019 Rugby World Cup to cheer on national teams representing 20 countries. View Story | Download Photo
The January 7 earthquake in Puerto Rico has made many homes, like this one, uninhabitable. The pillars upholding this elevated home have shifted. View Story | Download Photo
On Wednesday (Jan. 15) Send Relief, the compassion ministry arm of the North American Mission Board, in partnership with the Guaynabo City Athletic League, were able to reach one of the most remote towns affected by the earthquakes, Guayanilla, Puerto Rico. They crossed a river to distribute 200 blue tarps and 252 cases of water to families and to the elderly in need. View Story | Download Photo
Ever since an earthquake rocked Puerto Rico Jan. 7, Send Relief, the compassion ministry arm of the North American Mission Board, has been mobilizing volunteers and providing resources to those in need. So far, there have been more than 8,600 meals served through Send Relief, and volunteers from at least 12 local churches in Puerto Rico have joined the effort to serve through the crisis response effort. View Story | Download Photo
Glenn (left) and John Ingouf, shown here in 2019, served 29 years overseas as missionaries. View Story | Download Photo
John Ingouf made many markings and notes in his copy of "William Carey: Missionary, Pioneer and Statesman" by F. Deaville Walker. View Story | Download Photo
John and Glenn Ingouf were appointed as missionaries in 1960. View Story | Download Photo
Susan Lafferty View Story | Download Photo
Tennessee pastor Bryan Nerren, shown with his wife Rhonda and grandchildren, is stranded in India awaiting a Dec. 12 hearing on Customs charges. View Story | Download Photo
Tennessee pastor Bryan Nerren, standing left, stuck in India more than three months after the government confiscated his passport, has exhausted all concrete options for his return, his wife Rhonda, standing right, told Baptist Press. Also shown are the couple’s two children. View Story | Download Photo
Priscilla Shirer View Story | Download Photo
Jamie Dew, president of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and Leavell College, opened Defend 2020 at NOBTS by sharing keys to effective apologetics. Dew encouraged participants to approach apologetic conversations with non-believers with love, humility and civility. View Story | Download Photo
Desde que el terremoto golpeó Puerto Rico el 7 de enero, Send Relief, el ministerio de compasión de la Junta de Misiones Norteamericanas (NAMB), ha estado movilizando voluntarios y proveyendo recursos para aquellos en necesidad. Hasta ahora, se han servido más de 8,600 comidas a través de Send Relief, y voluntarios de por lo menos 12 iglesias locales en Puerto Rico se han unido al esfuerzo de servicio como respuesta ante la crisis. View Story | Download Photo
El terremoto del 7 de enero en Puerto Rico ha hecho que muchas casas como esta hayan quedado en condiciones inhabitables. Los pilares que sostienen esta casa se han movido. El número preliminar de casas que fueron destruidas o declaradas inhabitables ha alcanzado aproximadamente las 700. Se espera que la cifra aumente mientras continúen las réplicas. View Story | Download Photo
El miércoles (15 enero) Send Relief, en conjunto con la Liga Atlética de la Ciudad de Guaynabo, pudieron alcanzar Guayanilla, una de las poblaciones más remotas afectadas por los terremotos. Cruzaron un río para distribuir 200 lonas impermeables y 252 cajas de agua para las familias y ancianos con necesidad. View Story | Download Photo
William "Dub" Jackson Jr. View Story | Download Photo
Nik Ripken led the State Partnership Directors meeting on Thursday (Jan. 16) in Louisville, Ky. View Story | Download Photo
Pre-registration for childcare during the Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting June 9-10 opens Feb. 1. View Story | Download Photo
Providence Road Church in Norman, Okla., dedicated 12 babies during their Sunday morning service Jan. 19 to celebrate Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. View Story | Download Photo
Lawan Andimi called for help on video released on Jan. 5, 2020. Ahmad Salkida, a Muslim journalist who has been a primary means for Boko Haram to release information, reported in a tweet today that the group beheaded Pastor Andimi on Monday afternoon. View Story | Download Photo