• Liele 1st Baptist missionary from America

    by Diana Chandler, posted Friday, October 31, 2014 (4 hours ago)

    NASHVILLE (BP) -- The only four Baptist pastors in Georgia at the dawn of the American Revolution were so impressed with the 15-year-old's testimony and gift of exhortation, they licensed him to preach.

    The older men were all wealthy white plantation owners, but the teenager was George Liele, an African enslaved by one of the pastors' friends. Liele became the first ordained black Baptist preacher in the 13 colonies and proceeded to plant a church in Savannah, Ga., before sailing to Jamaica as the first Baptist missionary, black or otherwise, from the New World. Read More

  • Pro-life measures on ballots in TN, ND

    by Staff, posted Friday, October 31, 2014 (4 hours ago)

    NASHVILLE (BP) -- Evangelical Christians and others are urging voters to approve constitutional amendments Nov. 4 in Tennessee and North Dakota aimed at protecting the lives of expectant mothers and their unborn children. Read More

  • Moore: New HHS rules violate religious liberty

    by Tom Strode, posted Friday, October 31, 2014 (3 hours ago)

    "The new rules continue to run afoul of faith and conscience."

    -- Russell D. Moore

    WASHINGTON (BP) -- The Obama administration's latest rules for its abortion/contraception mandate fail to resolve religious liberty concerns and should be scrapped, Southern Baptists' lead ethicist Russell D. Moore has told the federal government. Read More

  • Subpoenas aside, religious liberty warnings remain

    by Staff , posted Friday, October 31, 2014 (3 hours ago)

    HOUSTON (BP) -- Though the threat of subpoena has been lifted against five Houston ministers, warnings continue of a broader threat to religious liberty -- warnings likely to abound in a Nov. 2 "I Stand Sunday" simulcast originating from Houston. Read More

  • Golden Gate relocation, name change moving ahead

    by Tyler Sanders, posted Friday, October 31, 2014 (4 hours ago)

    ONTARIO, Calif. (BP) -- Trustees of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary received reports concerning the relocation to Southern California and set new strategic goals for overall seminary operations during their Oct. 13-14 meeting in Ontario, Calif. Read More

  • Utah/Idaho celebrates 50th anniversary

    by Karen L. Willoughby, posted Friday, October 31, 2014 (4 hours ago)

    Photo by Chauna Sidwell
    LAYTON, Utah (BP) -- Recent rulings regarding same-sex marriage in Utah and Idaho were mentioned and a resolution was passed showing solidarity with Houston pastors against an attempt to subpoena their sermons, but for the most part the 2014 annual meeting of the Utah/Idaho Southern Baptist Convention was about the past, present and future of the 50-year-old convention. Read More