GCR Task Force Collection

Below is a comprehensive collection of Baptist Press' coverage of the Great Commission Resurgance Task Force. The reports and columns are subdivided into categories. Click on a headline to read the article.


GCR: Signers of document say 'Great Commission Resurgence' needed

GCR: Tone, focus, clarity of declaration questioned by non-signers

GCR: Merge mission boards, chairman of North American Mission Board says

GCR: GPS rally cry will unite Southern Baptists around Great Commission

GCR: My bloated bureaucracy

GCR: 'Great Commission Resurgence' needs Great Commission partners

GCR: Akin discusses its history, intent

Hunt: SBC needed 'shock' of GCR declaration

Vines signs GCR declaration 'with caveats'

Hunt responds to GCR critics; Predicts SBC will OK task force

SBC President Hunt urges 'personal Great Commission resurgence'

Prayer requested for GCR/execs meeting

FIRST-PERSON (Gerald Harris): GCR myths and transparency

FIRST-PERSON (Danny Sinquefield): EKG is vital to resurgence


Hunt names GCR task force members

GCR task force overwhelmingly approved

Hunt expresses urgency about Great Commission

Motions: GCR task force endorsed

WRAP-UP: SBC green-lights Great Commission Task Force

Johnny Hunt adds 4 to GCR task force

PROFILES: GCR task force members


GCR task force leaders engage students

GCR task force to meet twice in August

Great Commission, not 'old wars,' will be focus of GCR task force, chairman says

GCR website goes live at pray4gcr.com

GCR Task Force chairman encouraged, burdened after group's initial meeting

GCR's Floyd: Take 'honest look' at SBC

GCR task force quizzed on range of topics

GCR task force calls for input, prayer

Ronnie Floyd holds Q&A session on GCR

GCR Task Force making 'enormous progress,' chairman Floyd says

GCR task force to issue progress report

Floyd: IMB/NAMB merger not in GCR plan

GCRTF: Strategy change a must for SBC

GCR Task Force members, state execs meet

GCRTF chair: CP 'central, preferred conduit;' Survey response: 77% would vote 'no'

Floyd says GCRTF 100% and that GC-driven Southern Baptists will support report

Panel recaps GCR prior to May 3 report


State execs offer GCRTF their vision, views about SBC

Hankins: Cooperation 'key' to resurgence; offers strategy to strengthen CP

FIRST-PERSON (Joseph Bunce): GCR report -- more questions than answers

GCR report could put new work conventions 'out of business,' Mont. exec. says

GCRTF VIEWPOINT: 'It would devastate us,' Ala. evangelism director says

GCRTF VIEWPOINT: Iowa executive director, 'Before writing us off...'

GBC asks GCRTF to strengthen CP wording

GCRTF VIEWPOINT: Calif. president & exec. bd. chairman support 'bold new measures'

GCRTF VIEWPOINT: Ill. exec. on the challenges of a Great Commission Resurgence

GCRTF VIEWPOINT: Cooperation missing -- states excluded except to raise funds for national entities

GCR could trigger ministry cuts in Mo.

Ga. EC vote: CP 'historical and proven'

Western execs concerned about GCR report

SBC-Va. leaders issue open letter to GCRTF

GCRTF VIEWPOINT: Kan.-Neb. exec. concerned about proposal

GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Byron Day): Pill too big to swallow?

Hankins comments on GCRTF session with state execs

GCRTF VIEWPOINT (David Tolliver): Receive all information; take honest look at ramifications

GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Terry Robertson): Denominational employees should stop defending ... a paycheck

Ky. board: Cooperative Program 'essential'

La. exec assesses GCRTF final report


Great Commission Task Force chairman issues call for 5,000 prayer volunteers

GCR chairman speaks to myths about work

SBC PRESIDENT: Jan. 31, a day of prayer for the Southern Baptist Convention

GCR chairman: 'difficult decisions ahead'

Jan. 31 prayer day crucial, GCR's Floyd says

GCRTF NEWS: 4 new endorsements announced

GCR report gets 5 new endorsements

GCRTF issues 'Seven Points of Prayer'

GCRTF NEWS: Graham, Sullivan among 5 new GCR endorsers


GCR Task Force releases progress report at EC

Big changes in store for NAMB, states conventions under GCR proposal

GCR Task Force process discussed

NAMB chairman responds to GCR proposals

New paradigms needed, Rankin says

GCRTF VIEWPOINT: Al Mohler on state cooperative agreements

GCRTF VIEWPOINT: Glen Land on state cooperative agreements

GCRTF VIEWPOINT: Danny Akin on GCRTF report

GCRTF VIEWPOINT: Scott Brewer on GCRTF report

GCRTF VIEWPOINT: Bob White on new name for SBC giving

GCRTF VIEWPOINT: Norman Jameson on new name for SBC giving

NAMB revises data to GCRTF

GCRTF VIEWPOINT: Glen Land on Cooperative Agreements & accountability

GCRTF VIEWPOINT: NAMB, cooperative agreements essential for church planting & DR

GCRTF VIEWPOINT: Be more radical; shut down NAMB, keep DR

White paper details history of CP & stewardship promotion in SBC

GCRTF VIEWPOINT: Seminaries lost more CP 'purchasing power' than state conventions

GCRTF VIEWPOINT: First draft has wineskins but not wine

GCRTF VIEWPOINT: Observations of an evangelist

GCRTF VIEWPOINT: What does Scripture say?

FIRST-PERSON: Three questions for the GCR task force

Floyd replies to '3 questions' article

Paper provides 'Just the Facts' about SBC structure, methodology & finance

Delay GCR til 2011, Mo. board urges

GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Kenneth S. Hemphill): Our need is deeper than structural changes

GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Kenneth S. Hemphill): Valuing the work of state conventions

GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Ken Hemphill): The solution is more sacrificial giving

Q&A: EC's Chapman discusses proposed cut

GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Bob Terry): IMB deserves support, but gutting EC not wise

GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Bob Terry) : CP -- what has changed in 4 years?

GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Jimmy Epting): EKG thrust, CP support & GCR report


GCR Task Force lists 7 recommendations

GCRTF issues 'draft' final report; substance of changes from progress report varies

Task force report includes 'challenges'

GCRTF members discuss final report

GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Les Puryear): The 'hypocrisy' of 'Great Commission Giving'

SBC EC's Chapman states 'grave concerns' about harm to SBC's Cooperative Program

GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Larry Lewis): Task force recommendations not good for SBC

GCR plan not a threat to CP, Floyd asserts

As NAMB goes, so goes SBC, Driggers says

FIRST-PERSON: GCR: Compelling Southern Baptists to settle the Lordship issue

Lance: AL 'a Great Commission convention'

SBTC committee affirms GCRTF report

GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Joseph Bunce): One reason why I am a Southern Baptist

GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Robert White): Great Commission Giving

ANALYSIS: What Southern Baptists really think about the Cooperative Program

TRUSTEES: Hunt, Floyd address NAMB

Floyd: Approach GCR vote with 'open heart'

Leo Endel: GCRTF may speed CP 'crumbling;' new works perspective needed

Jimmy Jackson: Change should come from the bottom-up, not top-down

Ted Traylor: GCR logical for CP resurgence; vision inspires giving

Bryant Wright: Radically reprioritize CP funds; connect with young leaders

Jackson harbors 'serious concerns' about GCR; Endel, Traylor & Wright reactions mixed

GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Bob Terry): Needed: Worthy examples of CP support

ANALYSIS: Are we serious about penetrating lostness?

GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Steve Horn): An obedience problem, not an allocation one

GCRTF VIEWPOINT (John Loudat): The bright side of GCR

PERSPECTIVE (Morris H. Chapman): The downside of the GCTF recommendations -- would likely harm the SBC and its Executive Committee

PERSPECTIVE (Morris H. Chapman): The Great Commission Task Force Final Report: An Analysis and Thoughtful Questions

Open Letter to Southern Baptists about the GCRTF Recommendations

'A Better Way Ahead' –- alternate recommendations released by EC's Chapman

GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Timothy Boyd): Emphasize equal sacrifice

GCRTF Viewpoint (David Williams): The missing link of the task force report

GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Randall Adams): Okla. Baptists' Great Commission Resurgence

GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Mark Coppenger): Groundhog Day or Chariots of Fire?

GCRTF NEWS: GCR recordings to be closed 10 years

GCRTF VIEWPOINT (J.D. Greear): Why younger S. Baptists should pay attention

GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Ernest J. Kelley): GCR plan sends SBC back to pre-1950s era

GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Danny Sinquefield): The motivation behind the mission

GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Bill Shiflett): You can be pro-Cooperative Program and pro-GCR

GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Michael Watson): A likely GCRTF scenario

GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Lonnie Wilkey): Us and them

JOHNNY HUNT: In his own words

BOBBY WELCH: A view of the crossroads


FIRST-PERSON: It's time for a visit from the Great Physician

FIRST-PERSON: Starting a Great Commission Resurgence

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